What is the right consultation for you?


There are a few ways Stash can assist you with a design & estimate or quote.

Our recommendation will depend on the type of work you require and what stage you are at. We have provided extensive information here to ensure you are happy with the processes Stash offers prior to engaging us.

Feel free to phone us to discuss if you are unsure.




Showroom Consultation

  • No charge

  • If you are building or renovating and don’t have your space ready for measuring yet then a showroom visit is best to start with.

    You may have a few easy-to-measure spaces, so take some photos on your phone and some basic dimension estimates and pop along to see us.

    We can let you know what measurements will be helpful.

  • Ideally make a time to visit one of our six designers so you can be assured someone is available to spend time with you.

  • Please note that on a Saturday morning you can just drop in but if you require an extensive meeting time, a heads up will be appreciated given Saturdays are often busier than weekdays.

  • Prior to your visit we can email you questionnaires that could be helpful to complete. Otherwise we can give these to you to take home to fill in after your visit.


  • $90 refundable when you proceed

  • Ideal for those who don’t wish to spend time cataloging their belongings themselves or taking estimate measurements.

    If the space is tricky to measure or there are a large number of rooms to assess then an in-home consult may suit you.

  • A designer will visit you to view the space, take measurements and take notes on the items to be stored.

  • We will discuss your storage solution options - taking in consideration what will suit your décor.

  • We will bring along photos and some material swatches to assist your decisions. After the quote is received a showroom visit may still be worthwhile so you can view the product you are purchasing.

  • On the contact us page let us know your preferred weekdays and whether mornings or afternoons suit you best. We’ll do our best to accommodate a time that suits you.

Email Communication

  • No charge

  • Ideal for those with a cupboard/s or small room where only a few basic measurements and simple designs are required to get started.

    Also for those who can’t make it into our showroom during the standard work day hours.

  • Start off through our website on the contact us page and let us know you’d like a estimate based on dimensions you’ll provide to us by email.

    We will respond to you and let you know what dimensions and details will be helpful.

    (If you are happy to start this email communication with a chat first so we can discuss the requirements, please let us know a good time to talk.)

  • We have questionnaires that can help you provide the best information to us so we are able to give you an accurate quote.

  • Sending photos is a great help too as we’ll see your existing set up and décor.

A showroom visit is well worthwhile and recommended at some stage during your process.


Your designer will provide you with a 3D drawing and estimate or quote based on your discussion.
Our aim is to respond within 10 working days from the final information being in hand. We will keep you informed if the wait time is any longer.


Design revisions if required
Please note that one revision is at no charge but further revisions may be charged at $90 per revision. Ensure you have a good chat to make the most informed decisions early on to avoid these charges.

our process arrows3-01.png

If we haven’t already - we will visit site to measure the space(s) and assess that the designs still suits. We will assess access to your home (an extra charge may apply if access to the home or room requires extra time or a second person to assist – e.g. higher floors or no drive on access.


Designs and quote accepted. 50% deposit paid. An installation date will be secured at this time.

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We manufacture and pre-assemble your cabinetry locally in our Trentham workshop.

our process arrows3-01.png

We complete your installation & the final invoice is due.


You stash your items & enjoy your newly organised space!