Why choose Stash?

At Stash, we want you to have the best experience from your first contact to the last moment of installation and everyone who works here is on board with our desire for this. We use quality board and hardware along with extensive services such as a fabulous display space to help your decisions.

We remain very price competitive in a like for like design and work alongside numerous builders, interior designers and architects. We have been successful in the region for 22 years now and are well known for our great communication with our clients and builders.

Thanks for taking to time to view our website. We wish you happy experience with us should our offering fit your needs

What areas do you cover?

We visit and install around the Greater Wellington region – the Kapiti Coast and up to Levin plus the Wairarapa. We always love a nice Greytown bakery stop! (Please note that North Kapiti or Wairarapa appointments may have a slightly longer wait time for visits so we can book a group of clients together.)

Is a consultation free?

A showroom consultation is at no charge. An in-home consult is $90, which is then reimbursed if you proceed with the job. We offer free of charge consults for returning clients or if you have been referred to us by our interior designer, builder or architect contacts. To see which option suits you best view our process.

Do you measure my space for me?

We will always measure the cupboard or room prior to manufacture. There are options for you to start the process with estimated dimensions you provide if that is helpful to you prior to our home visit. See our process to decide what suits you best.

Do you have contractors or your own installers?

Our installations are completed by the skilled team at Stash rather than outside contractors. We do have a builder in the family to put you in contact with should your work require a carpentry solution. Family ties means he lets us jump the queue often!

Do I pay a deposit?

Yes, a deposit of 50% is due when you accept the designs and quote. The final balance is due at installation (If you are working with a group builder your payments are often to them and will differ).

Is there a warranty?

Stash guarantees your quality installation against any faulty product or workmanship for 10 years. Some accessories will carry the individual manufacturer’s warranty. In 22 years we’ve had very limited product failure as we are particular about the suppliers we choose to work with.

How long does the process take?

As we are having a particularly busy year, generally allow 1-2 weeks wait for a designer to be available and up to 10 working days for designs and pricing once all the information is to hand. An installation date could range from 6-12 weeks from deposit payment. (Depending on your order and our workload.) Please discuss these timings with us for up to date information.

Can I install myself?

Whilst we do occasionally supply the pre-assembled product to clients out of the Greater Wellington region, it is advisable that we install the product so you receive your 10 year warranty.

You will also find that as your unit has pre-assembly work done on it and generally no cutting is required on site, the installation labour is not a large part of the cost. Therefore it’s often deemed not worthwhile to install yourself vs the savings.

Do I need to be home when you install?

If you are happy to leave a key or want to let us in and go, that is fine with us. Our installers can be trusted to leave the area clean & tidy and lock up for you. They’re not likely to do extra vacuuming while you are out sorry!

How much will it cost me?

Our units are all bespoke and not from 'kitset' modules so you won’t be able to have fixed pricing from us prior to designs being drawn. As our designs cover basic organisers though to beautiful furniture there is a wide scope of pricing. You can phone to chat over your project and often we can give some type of ballpark figure depending on how vast your requirements are – no promises we will be spot on but we will give it our best shot!

If you are working with group builders, we have usually provided them with some very approximate rates per linear metre to help you achieve a realistic sum for your budget/contract. What that sum will cover will be discussed further with you when we meet.

Are your products New Zealand made?

We are proud to supply only New Zealand made laminated board. The hardware we use such as drawer runners and accessories are generally German made such as Hettich, Hafele and Blum brands for superior quality. The aluminium for our sliding doors is New Zealand manufactured and where possible we are sourcing local Wellington businesses for extra work such as laundry benchtops, spray lacquer painting etc.

Will you take out my existing unit?

To keep our installation wait time down, we would prefer not to spend time taking out existing units but if needed we will assist you with this. Ideally also, you would want your existing shelving out prior to your installation date so that any patching or refresh work can be taken care of. If you require a more extensive demolition of the space we will put you in touch with the family builder.

How early should I contact you during my build or renovation project?

We would love to catch up with you in the early stages – prior to framing if possible. This is so we can comment on placement of doorways and door frames that may impede your design. If you are going to require LED lighting in your design electrical wiring should be discussed before gib stage. Obviously, an estimate early on helps with your budgeting too.

What size should my wardrobe cupboard be?

To fit hanging clothes into a cupboard without the long sleeves dragging on the doors make your wardrobe 600mm deep from the back wall to the door frame/doors.

What is the smallest my new walk in wardrobe should be?

There is no real rule so discuss this with your designer as it will also depend how much you need to put away, We would suggest that to have some flexibility and efficiency of design you at least have a room 2000m x 1500mm. In smaller walk in wardrobes avoid windows – they definitely impede your design.

Should I use Sliders or Bi-folding doors on my cupboard?

Great question! Depending on the interior use and fitout planned we will certainly advise on this decision. Bi-folds have the advantage of opening the whole space. Sliders have the advantage of not encroaching into the room. Sliders are good if the room is small and suit most doorway widths.

Bi-folds are handy for a laundry cupboard or study where a bottom track isn’t useful on the floor. If there are drawers in your design then a discussion on the door size and type is important.

How do I decide what door size I should use on my cupboards?

The wider the better! For the best access and the most flexibility in designs make the doorway the same width as your cupboard. Our Sliders and Bi-fold doors are custom sized so your builder does not need to allow for a particular width.

Height wise if your room and décor allows it a higher than standard doorway gives great access to storage at the top of your cupboards. Some rooms look okay with higher doorways and others are best kept at the standard 1980mm. Chat to our designers about your room.


Please feel free to give us a call or email if your query was not answered here